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Customer Support Chat Software

Our exposure to multiple Customer Support Chat Software over the years help us make informed recommendations to your business in order to facilitate the most appropriate Software for your business needs.

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Identify & Better Understand Your Existing Technology Stack

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customer support chat software

Apply our experience delivering Customer Service best practices to configure and personalise the most appropriate software for your business. Improve your employee’s engagement and optimise service operations to deliver better customer experiences.

Leading brands who trust redk:

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“redk’s expertise ensured our existing data was migrated successfully and our key systems were integrated appropriately.”

Anna Witteveen, Head of Product, i-surance

Advanced Customer Support Chat Software
Solution Components

With over 200 projects delivered we have plenty of experience recommending and configuring the most appropriate software solution that best fits your business needs. We apply best practices and implement customisations that will help you scale up and optimise your customer service operations to make the most of this powerful technology.

Web Widget Multilingual Display

Advanced Feature Access Management

Web Widgets & UI Branding

Chat Widget Advanced Configuration

Activating Multiple Contact Options For End-Users

Prefill Forms With User Contact Information

Leading brands who trust redk:

salesforce customisation our customers

“Working with redk was a team experience. Their support along the project was key and it never felt like working with an external contractor. In fact, we would always use “we” in all our conversations, considering them as part of our team.”

Maribel Linares, Project Manager, Partnership, Loyalty & CX at Baleària


Customer Support Chat Software Done Right

Our services, help you create a completely new experience for your employees and customers. With more than 15 years of implementing best practices and personalising CX technologies, our team can configure and optimise the most appropriate software solution for your business needs, empowering you to focus on your customers.

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