CX/EX Report 2020

How Employee Experience Impacts The Customer Experience And Streamlines Revenue

Find out how:

    • Employee Experience impacts the Customer Experience and streamlines revenue
    • How to align Employee Experience initiatives with your CX strategy
    • How customer satisfaction is affected by employee experience
    • The effects of a positive employee culture resulting in increasing revenue
    • How to best utilise the latest technology to impact positively on your EX and CX

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Why Read This Report?

Despite the rapid rise of technology across all areas of life, humans remain at the heart of business, and at the centre of customer service and experience.


Provide a positive and memorable CX

Ultimately, a company’s ability to provide a positive and memorable customer experience is a decisive factor for success across the board. Its effects can be seen in areas including, but not limited to, customer loyalty, employee retention and the acquisition of new clients.

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According to Deloitte

“ almost 80% of today’s executives rate employee experience as a top business priority ”

and study after study has shown that investing in employee experience improves customer experience.

What is the importance of investing in EX?

This report reveals the importance of investing in employee experience and its role in shaping organisations’ relationships with their customers and, in turn, their quality of customer service. More and more companies are beginning to realise that end-to-end transformations are vital, shifting their focus to include employees as well as customers.

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